Andy's Blog

This site has, over many years, gone through many-an-iteration of different styles, content and general blatherings. This has unfortunately meant that the site has also picked up various people linking to images I've posted in here, spurious links on sites (including those sites of dubious moral nature) which is messing up all my stats and monitoring that I do in the background.

In all honesty this domain name ( isn't one I am particularly wedded to, I just used it when somebody half-inched the domain name I did love and use way back in the mists of time (fabulous merchandise to anyone who can remember what that domain name was!).

The blogging has restarted, albeit in a stop-start sort of way, and is now housed on a pretty new home at the location shown below. So if you fancy continuing to see what I've been upto, or frankly whether I have actually POSTED anything, then head on over to:

This Simple Life